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Anti snoring feature of adjustable beds

Reveries are one of the best beds on the market,but with all of the innovative technology that the company uses,you can bet that they’re always coming out with new and improved versions of their products. At the moment,Reveries is adding an exciting new feature to its website called Reversetraps and will also be releasing an updated version of the Reveries Suite to all of its existing customers. Go to to raed more on adjustable beds. These new upgrades are going to help Reveries adjustable beds to communicate with Google Assistant. Changing the position of the bed will simply be a simple phrase like “Hey Google,set up bed to anti-snore.”

Anti-snoring feature

If you’ve ever used an anti-snoring mouthpiece or something similar,it might sound like too much of an inconvenience,but with Google’s help,you can’t help but feel a little better in your bed every night. With Reversetraps,Reversies beds will have a great looking green light in their center section that when turned on will activate the Reversetraps feature so that the user’s entire body will be placed into the bed in a sleeping posture.

When Reversetraps is on,the user’s entire body will get into the bed,making it very hard for any air to escape from the bed. The anti-snoring feature in this bed works by allowing the user’s tongue to hang over the back of the throat and this is what is causing the snores to occur in the first place. By using this technology,Reversies beds will stop snoring immediately by stopping the tongue from being able to hang down and forcing the air from the stomach through the airway. The sleep apnea sufferer will not even notice anything different as the person will actually find it much easier to sleep through the night due to the anti snoring feature.

  • If you have an adjustable bed in your home,the internet marketing company has partnered up with the well known Google. As part of the deal,you can get Google Assistant integrated into all of your Serta adjustable beds for free.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night and going to the store.
  • The internet marketing giant will still keep track of all of your shopping and will even let you know when you need to make any changes or updates to the items.

Google Assistant on Reversetraps will even let you keep an eye on your sleeping habits by telling you when you’ve fallen asleep,if you should wake up,or if you need to go to the bathroom. All of these functions can be set up to have an impact on your day to day life.

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